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Regardless of the fact that ARK Invest have had a volatile and uneasy year, Cathie Wood still touted her optimism towards investments within innovation, despite the fact traditional public markets crushing innovative equities. Specifically, Cathie stated how she believes the private markets are “on-to-something” when looking within the context of innovative companies. In recent periods, Cathie mentioned on Twitter how, the “disconnect between valuations for innovative companies in the public vs private markets is as wide as I ever have seen. The arbitrage opportunity is enormous”.

Since the inception phases of the Internet, people have been creating content and sharing it online. From videos, music, memes, and the whole web – it is full of digital objects. However, for most of the internets history, there has not been a way to truly own and re-sell digital content. NFTs have created a new way to manage and track the ownership of a unique digital asset. Similar to crypto assets – like BTC and ETH, NFTs are secured by an underlying blockchain, meaning ownership records are immutable and do not require a trusted third party. NFT transactions and ownership history is publicly viewable and verifiable.