What is Darntons Media?

Darntons Media is a media company, focused on investing, and finance. Founded by Christian Darnton, Darntons Media strives to provide quality news, articles, and in-depth research regarding equities and investments. 

In consideration of the ideologically wrecked conventional MSM, Darntons is focused upon quality, and the pursuit of truth, when it comes to investment decisions. 

This platform is home to a range of courses, and resources for all investors to consume. Our goal is aiming towards further education and democratisation of financial literacy, and knowledge. 

Furthermore, Darntons has a specific, and unique focus upon optimism for the future. We believe that currently, this is one of the most unique, and exciting periods of technological change, and innovation. Thus, as investors, it is necessary that we uphold this level of optimism, and therefore invest within the positive future. 

As a content creation company, you can find all of our work across all major social media platforms. We currently are developing an ecosystem of content, ranging from video, audio, and written formats.